Amazon Prime Video introduces user profiles

One for her, one for him, and the youngsters also have their own: As with other streaming services, Amazon Prime Video will have multiple user profiles in the future.

Amazon introduces a profile function for Prime Video. Similar to other streaming services, customers can create and manage multiple profiles within their account. The content of the profiles is individualized, explains Amazon. Each user is therefore shown their own recommendations and the current status of their streamed content.

So far, Prime Video users have a standard profile for adults that cannot be removed and a standard profile for children that can be deleted. In the future, customers will be able to create up to six user profiles within one Amazon account, i.e. one main profile and five additional profiles. These can also be a mix of adult or child profiles.

The new function will be introduced in phases. Gradually, users would see the “Profiles” option in their account, Amazon explains.

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