Aldi lures with iPhone 11 at a top price: Is the offer worth it?

Bargain or not? Aldi Süd and Nord will be offering the Apple iPhone 11 for 678.03 euros from September 24th. Here is our check on the discounter deal.

Aldi lured customers with a special offer for the iPhone 11 in March. This was sold out within a short time. Now the discounter has announced the next deal: from Thursday, September 24th, from 8 a.m., the iPhone 11 will be available in the 64 GB version without a contract at a price of 678.03 euros.

The offer is only valid for the online shop of Aldi south and Aldi north and while stocks last. It includes one for free Aldi Talk starter set with 10 euros prepaid starting credit worth 12.66 euros. Shipping is also free.

Now we ask: How good is the price of 678.03 euros for the iPhone 11? Is the Aldi offer worth it at all if the iPhone 12 is just around the corner? We do the bargain check.

iPhone 11 at Aldi: Offer in the bargain check

The iPhone 11 (grade “good” in the connect test) was presented by Apple in September 2019. At the manufacturer, the price for the cheapest variant officially starts at 799 euros. Experience has shown that this price should drop by around 100 to 150 euros with the introduction of the new iPhone 11s or 12. The release of the iPhone 12 is currently not expected for the Apple event on September 15th today, but for a later event in October.

In the free trade, the price of the iPhone 11 has of course already fallen. Marketplace dealers, Ebay shops and resellers currently attract with offers from 630 euros. In the case of well-known online shops, however, the price for the 64 GB version starts now at 690 to 700 euros – about bueroshop24 (from 693.99 euros) or Amazon (from 699.00 euros).

The one announced by Aldi Price of 678.03 euros at the current point in time, it sounds quite tempting as the new best price. The deal with one promises a huge bargain potential Savings of around 10 to 15 euros however not. If you want to switch to Aldi Talk at the same time, the free starter set also saves its value of 12.66 euros. This increases the potential savings to around 23 to 28 euros.

Conclusion: Those who wait a little longer should be rewarded

If you do a current price comparison for the iPhone 11, the Aldi offer looks very solid. It’s not a deal to set your alarm clock on in the middle of the night, but it’s the best price at a reputable retailer right now.

However, we can only advise a little patience to those who are not in a hurry to buy. Because as soon as the new iPhone 12 goes on sale in the course of October or November, the prices for the predecessor are expected to jump down.

iPhone 11: What are the alternatives?

Anyone looking for an alternative to the iPhone 11 at Apple ends up in the same dilemma: the prices of the other models are likely to change soon due to the new generation. Until then, our purchase advice will deliver “iPhone 11, Pro or SE in 2020 – which Apple smartphone to buy?” a valuable aid in choosing a model. If you have an alternative second-hand iPhone in mind, our guide “Buy a used iPhone – you should pay attention to it” gives you helpful tips.

Otherwise, it is worth taking a look at our connect smartphone leaderboard. For the 678.03 euros called up for the iPhone 11, you can also buy many Android smartphones rated “very good” – such as the Huawei P30 Pro or the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

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